10 Best Treadmill Elliptical Combo Machines [Review 2021]

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When you’re ready to invest in a new fitness machine, it’s important to do your research. There are so many options available on the market these days that it can be difficult to choose which one is the right fit for your needs. We’ve compiled some of our best treadmill elliptical combo machines.

A treadmill and elliptical trainer is a good thing to have. This will help you with stamina and tone your body. Both the 2 in 1 elliptical treadmill combo and the 3 in 1 elliptical treadmill stepper combo machines can give you a good cardio workout. They are expensive, but they can be worth it. This machine has three benefits. It is like a treadmill, it is for people who want to run, and it also is good for people who want to walk with gentle movements.

Treadmills are useful for cross-training. They can simulate stair climbing and elliptical movements. And you can also use them to do walking and running. These cross-training or hybrid treadmills are good for people who are recovering, the elderly, cyclists, and walkers. You can use them without the negative effects of conventional treadmills like knee pain. They’re also a good option if you want to do a workout that doesn’t take up much effort.

The best elliptical treadmill combos are difficult to pick. That’s why we wrote this article. Here are 11 of the best ones available today.

Top 10 Best Treadmill Elliptical Combo Reviews

Image Product Features Details
Overall Best Pick
Bowflex M8 2 In 1 Max Trainer
Bowflex M8 2 In 1 Max Trainer
  • 12 Inches vertical and 4 inches horizontal stride.
  • First Available: September 2019
  • Capacity: Max 300 lbs.
  • Resistance Level: 20
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Budget Pick
Sunny Health & Fitness SF-E3919 Stepping Elliptical Hybrid Machine
Sunny Health & Fitness SF-E3919 Stepping Elliptical Hybrid Machine
  • 9 Inches vertical and 5 inches horizontal stride.
  • First Available:  May 2021
  • Capacity: Max 260 lbs.
  • Resistance Level: 8
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 Best for on-demand Exercise
ProForm PFEL09915 Cardio HIIT Trainer
ProForm PFEL09915 Cardio HIIT Trainer
  • 10 Inches vertical and 5 inches horizontal stride.
  • First Available: August 2016
  • Capacity: Max 325 lbs.
  • Resistance Level: 24
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Curve-crank Technology
Body Power BST800 2-In-1 Elliptical Stepper Treadmill Combo
Body Power BST800  2-In-1 Elliptical Stepper Treadmill Combo
  • LCD Display
  • First Available: September 2019
  • Capacity: Max 250 lbs.
  • Resistance Level: 8
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Ideal For Strength and Stretching
Octane fitness zr8 zero runner
Octane fitness zr8 zero runner
  • 58 inches dynamic stride.
  • First Available: August 2016
  • Cross Circuit Zero runner
  • Maximum weight: 300 lbs.
  • Wireless Heart Rate Monitor
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3 In 1 Hybrid TreadClimber
Bowflex 3 In 1 TC200 TreadClimber
Bowflex 3 In 1 TC200 TreadClimber
  • Transport wheels.
  • First Available: September 2019
  • Capacity: Max 300 lbs.
  • Usb Charging Port
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For Heavy Users
Precor AMT 835 Commercial Adaptive Motion Trainer
Precor AMT 835 Commercial Adaptive Motion Trainer
  • 6.8- 10 Inches vertical and 38 inches horizontal stride.
  • First Available: June 2012
  • Capacity: Max 514 lbs.
  • Resistance Level: 20
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Lower body Workout machine
Cybex Arc Trainers
Cybex Arc Trainers
  • 24 inches stride.
  • First Available:  May 2021
  • Capacity: Max 260 lbs.
  • Resistance : 900 watts
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For Heavy Users
Weslo Crosswalk 5.2T Treadmill
Weslo Crosswalk 5.2T Treadmill
  • Underbody resistance.
  • First Available: May 2016
  • Capacity: Max 250 lbs.
  • iFit Global
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Last But Not Least
NordicTrack FreeStride IFit Enabled FS7i Trainer
NordicTrack FreeStride IFit Enabled FS7i Trainer
  • Auto adjustable 32 inches stride.
  • First Available: October 2015
  • Capacity: Max 375 lbs.
  • Transport wheels
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1. Bowflex M8 2 in 1 Max Trainer

Bowflex M8 2 In 1 Max Trainer is the only machine that combines a treadmill and an elliptical trainer into one. It’s easy to assemble, has a large running surface, and offers multiple incline settings. The Bowflex M8 2 In 1 Max Trainer features a built-in 15″ LCD monitor with touchscreen controls, so you can easily track your progress and set goals.

This home gym includes a heart rate chest strap for monitoring your heart rate while exercising. It is a versatile machine that can be used by beginners and the person who has an advanced workout.

This machine has 20 levels of resistance. The max intelligence app will help you find the best level for your fitness. The Ai (Artificial Intelligence) in the app will automatically evaluate your level of fitness and tell you how to get to the next level. It can also show you how to get better and set a goal for yourself.

Best Treadmill Elliptical Combo

Bowflex M8 2 In 1 Max Trainer

Key Features

  • Display: Dual Mode LCD
  • Resistance Levels: 20
  • JRNY fitness Coach
  • Horizontal Stride: 4 inches
  • Vertical Stride: 12 inches
  • User Weight Limit: 300 pounds
  • Product weight: 148 pounds
  • Dimensions: 47.9x 30.8 x 65.2 inches
  • 4 personal Account.
  • Additional Technology: Multi-Grip dynamic Handlebars, media rack, USB port.
  • Warranty: 3-year frame and parts, and 90-days labor.

The M8 is a machine for different kinds of people. If you want to escape from a long time in a training regimen or improve your fitness, the M8 helps you.

The M series will do all the work for you. It has a motor that provides up to 20 levels of adjustable resistance, which is sufficient enough for this machine to be used by beginners and experienced athletes alike.

This machine is good for your joints because it doesn’t have an effect on them. It also helps you burn calories and lose weight. So, whether you are trying to lose weight or gain some, this machine is for you.

Bowflex also provides a performance package that includes a Samsung Galaxy Tab E 9.6′′, system mat, and heart rate monitor bracelet.

The M Series by Bowflex is a treadmill-elliptical combo machine that offers versatility, portability, and ease of use. It’s designed for different kinds of people. Whether you’re looking to escape from your long time in training or want to improve your fitness level.


  • Performance Pack that includes a Samsung Tablet, mat, and heart rate monitor.
  • Water bottle holders can hold your water bottle.
  • It is good for your joints. Premium pedals and grips help you to use it better. There is also a big table to put things on.
  • This machine has 20 levels of resistance and up to 4 people can use it.
  • The Max Intelligence app makes a workout plan that is just for you.
  • This machine lets you get a good workout in less time.
  • The Bowflex app helps you stay in shape.
  • Eight weeks of daily sessions included with purchase;
  • Dual mode LCD/LED displays show calorie burning rate.


  • No fan to cool;
  • Difficult to put together;
  • Guarantee should be improved;
  • Annual Max Intelligence subscription;

2. Sunny Health & Fitness SF-E3919 Cardio Climber Stepping Elliptical Hybrid Machine

SF-E3919 is one of the new elliptical machines that Sunny Health & Fitness launched at the end of 2019.Some people do different types of exercise on an elliptical machine. Some do a move with their hands and a step at the same time, like an elliptical step or even on a computer. This on is perfect for them. This home-use trainer lasts a long time and is easy to use.

This is a machine that is like two machines. One part is for climbing stairs and the other part has wheels to pedal on. It also has a computer that you can use to see how fast you are going and many other things.

Overall Top Treadmill Elliptical Combo

Sunny Health & Fitness SF-E3919 Stepping Elliptical Hybrid Machine

Key Features

  • Display: Functional Monitor
  • Resistance Levels: 8
  • Stride Length: 10 inches
  • Horizontal Climb: 5 inches
  • Vertical Climb: 9 inches
  • User Weight Limit: 260 pounds
  • Product weight: 94.8 Pounds
  • Dimensions: 44 x 25 x 64 inches
  • Additional Technology: Pulse sensors, Device holder, Magnetic tension system, Floor stabilizer.
  • Portability: By wheels

Sunny Health & Fitness SF-E3919 Cardio Climber is an elliptical machine that has pedals. It can be used to work out your legs and your arms. You can also use it for cardio exercises on 8 levels of difficulty. A console keeps track of all the training metrics when you are using it. This machine has a small and strong frame. It controls 2 things and it reads pulses. This machine helps you control running, walking, and other exercises. It helps you with things like muscle toning and weight loss as well as pulse rate checking. It’s an excellent price point!

The Sunny Health & Fitness SF-E3919 hybrid machine has a virtually entirely vertical elliptical course. The angle on these pedals is 45 degrees. This is like an elliptical machine that moves in a “tilt” kind of way. This piece of equipment cannot be tilted. It needs to stay flat. The two bars that it sits on are not movable, and it runs using magnetism, so you do not need to plug in an external power supply.

The framework is made of a type of steel. The flywheel cover and other parts are made of a different kind of plastic called ABS.

This bike elliptical and stepper combo machine are perfect for a full-body workout.


  • Lightweight and compact design;
  • A solid steel frame holds up to a user weight of 260 lbs.
  • Facing wheels of transfer;
  • Back stabilizers to be adjusted;
  • Long-lasting, massive foot stabilization pedals;
  • Sensor-mounted handlebars;
  • The handrail bars have been made stronger. They are also more precise.
  • Quiet drive belt;
  • 8 manual resistance magnetic levels;
  • LCD multi-functional screen with target settings & BMI;
  • Minor maintenance required;


  • Web access is not available;
  • No holders of the bottle;
  • The show does not have a backlight;

3. ProForm PFEL09915 Cardio HIIT Trainer

The ProForm Hybrid Cardio HIIT Trainer is a way to exercise. It combines cardio and high-intensity interval training.

The ProForm Cardio HIIT Trainer is a machine that you can use to be healthy and lose weight. If you like going to the gym or are serious about your fitness, then this machine will interest you because it will give you everything.

A 10-inch vertical trainer is a tool that helps you do different boxing movements. It can help with your upper body. So that you can burn more calorie.

Best Cardio HIIT Trainer Combo

ProForm PFEL09915 Cardio HIIT Trainer

Key Features

  • Display: Interactive 7 inches
  • Resistance Levels: 24 Digital
  • Membership: iFit 30 day trial
  • Horizontal Stride: 5 inches
  • Vertical Stride: 10 inches
  • User Weight limit: 325 pounds
  • Product weight: 212 pounds
  • Dimensions: 34 x 18 x 50 inches
  • Additional Technology: EKG Grip Pulse Heart Rate Sensor

Exercising on the ProForm Cardio HIIT Trainer leads to weight loss. This is because it burns fat and calories in a short time span. The machine can be used for cardio, power training, or interval training. It has an easy adjustment function so you can do any of these fitness activities at just the right level for you.

The ProForm Cardio HIIT Trainer is really good for exercises. It has a power incline that helps you do different exercises. It also has an LCD display and other features that are perfect for people who want to be healthy, lose weight and stay fit.

This is a popular machine because it can give you what you need to be healthy and fit.

Maintaining your heart rate during a workout means you will work hard and burn more calories. The trainer takes care of your whole body without hurting your joints. Unlike other machines, this Cardio HIIT Trainer uses a elliptical machine that is more vertical so it doesn’t hurt your joints.

This machine is designed to be user-friendly and it has 40 different workouts built in for you. This includes programs that are tailored specifically to help with weight loss, cardio training or rehabilitation from an injury.

The ProForm Cardio HIIT Trainer can give you a full body workout that will make you feel great after your session is over.

This machine is easy to use and has three different inclines that you can choose from. It also will add more intensity if needed.

There are multiple pre-programmed workouts in the console, so it doesn’t matter what your fitness level is or how long you’ve been working out because there’s a workout for everyone on this machine.

The ProForm CardioHIIT Trainer is a computer for people who are experienced trainers and want to improve their fitness levels. HIIT workouts can be hard for older people or children. They are not recommended for these groups.


  • Professional level performance, but low-impact.
  • iFit-compatible;
  • Low-impact exercises are things like walking, swimming, and biking. They can make your body stronger. They can help you have more energy and be healthier.
  • It takes up less room;
  • Doing exercises reduces the chances of getting injured.
  • There are 24 different levels of resistance and 34 different exercise programs to choose from.
  •  Handlebars with a variety of grips
  • Comfortable, cushioned pedals.
  • Web browser on a 10-inch touchscreen;
  • A cooling fan with two speeds;


  • HIIT is not recommended for everybody. This can lead to health problems, such as a stroke.
  • Make sure you are healthy prior to using the machine. You need to talk with your doctor.

4. Body Power BST800 2-in-1 Elliptical Stepper Treadmill Combo

The Body Power StepTrac BST800 is a new kind of exercise machine that combines an elliptical and a stepper into one machine. It has unique hardware and technology that make it different from other exercise machines.

This has been designed for constant movement and the central console is angled slightly so that it can be seen without twisting your neck. It also comes with an oversized, comfortable footplate to provide maximum stability and comfort during workouts.

The Body Power StepTrac BST800 provides a low-impact workout experience while being simple enough for anyone to use . It is designed to be easy on the joints and it provides a smooth, natural stride.

Curve-crank Technology

Body Power BST800 2-In-1 Elliptical Stepper Treadmill Combo

Key Features

  • Display: LCD
  • Resistance Levels: 8
  • Curve-crank Technology
  • RPM (revolutions per minute): 90
  • Magnetic curve-crac as a tension device
  • User Weight Limit: 250Pounds
  • Product weight: 96.8 pounds
  • Dimensions: 42 x 24 x 62 inches
  • Warranty: 1-year frame, 90-days parts.

This exercise machine has a display with LCD that shows how much you are exercising. It also has eight levels of magnetic resistance and a heavy flywheel to keep the momentum going.

This built-in media holder is for people to put their phones and tablets in. It can hold bigger devices like a tablet or iPad. This means you can watch videos while you exercise and won’t need to take your eyes off the screen.

The handles on the elliptical machine move together. The handles on the stepper machine, however, are not moving. Instead they are fixed in place. This unit is good for low-intensity workouts. You can finish in 12 minutes. If you do it for longer, then you can eat more calories.

This step machine is easy to use. There is little noise and it will work well during your workouts.

This exercise is for light to moderate workouts. It helps with rehabilitation, endurance, muscle toning, and weight loss.


  • Its build must is compact
  • This treadmill elliptical combination machines offer durable, non-slip pedals.
  • It is easy to put together. You only need a screwdriver.
  • Model that needs little maintenance.
  • Handles that are both fixed and mobile.
  • The machine comes with a space for your phone or tablet.
  • All of the tools that you need to build this are included in the box.
  • There are eight levels of magnetic resistance available on the elliptical bike.
  • The fixed handlebar comes with pulse sensors built-in.


  • There isn’t a place to put your glass.
  • Backlighting is not available on the console display.

5. Octane Fitness ZR8 Zero Runner

The Octane ZR8 Zero Runner is a elliptical and treadmill combo machine that gives you the feeling of running while still allowing you to have the benefits of an elliptical trainer.

The shoe has a creative design that can change the walking gait. It is also designed to adjust shorter steps and long-running strides up to 58 inches.

The Octane ZR8 Zero Runner has a sturdy frame. It is made of aircraft-grade aluminum. The pedals are lightweight and can hold up to 300 pounds of weight. You will have a quicker cadence when you use these legs and pedals.

Ideal For Strength and Stretching

octane fitness zr8 zero runner

Key Features

  • Display running stats.
  • Stride: 58 inches Dynamic
  • Workouts: 35.
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth, Octane app, ANT, Polar.
  • Product weight: 191 Pounds
  • Dimensions: 63 x 38 x 48 inches
  • Contoured Grip Handlebars.
  • Maximum weight: 300 lbs.
  • Frame Warranty: Lifetime / Parts Warranty: 5 Years / Labor Warranty: 1 Year

This model is comfortable and has handles for things you can do. This makes it good for training.

The ZR8 also has many programs to choose from. They include endurance programs, tone-up programs, and successful rehabilitation programs. The SmartLink app lets you monitor your workout. You can see how the muscles are doing and make sure that you’re getting stronger, more flexible, and have stamina.

The Octane ZR-12 is a hybrid machine that you can use for weightlifting. You will have no problem getting your heart rate up and keeping it there with this machine because of the way it’s designed. The handles are very comfortable, so you’ll be able to do exercises for an extended period of time without feeling exhausted.

Magnetic resistance provides a smooth and comfortable workout with no impact on your joints.

The Octane ZR8 Zero Runner is made of a low-impact material that can help runners boost their performance while reducing body strain. This workout is good for you because it does not hurt your body. When you do this exercise, your arm will get tired and then it will change to a different move. It is good for you because it helps make you fit.

It’s perfect for all levels of fitness, from beginners to seasoned athletes. It can be used in the comfort of your own home or at the gym – just plug it in!


  • There is no stress on the joints.
  • Short stride length of 58 inches
  • Heart rate monitor wristband with wireless connectivity
  • Since it is cordless and self-powered, there is no noise.
  • Changing the length of a stage is a natural process.
  • It’s an elliptical and a treadmill all in one machine.
  • Aircraft-grade alloy pedals with a soft feel
  • For better outcomes, try a cross-platform workout option.
  • With no negative impact on the body, you can walk, run, and jog.
  • Suspension for the whole body with a wide range of resistance
  • There are 35 built-in programs, four on the console, and thirty-one on the SmartLink App.
  • Robust, auto-started.
  • Transportation wheels.


  • On the console, there is no sound.
  • Heart rate sensors are not available on moving handlebars.
  • The console only shows the most basic information, and it does not have a blue backlight.
  • The resistance level is located at the back of the unit, and you must pause to adjust it.

6. Bowflex 3 in 1 TC200 TreadClimber

The Bowflex TC 200 is similar to the TC100. But it has advanced features, which makes it a better option. This machine features a touch screen control panel that lets you change the resistance level. The TC200 also has electronic programs to choose from, so it’s suitable for any fitness goal.

This excellent cardio equipment allows you to enjoy the benefits of walking while also being less likely to injure yourself. This is because it is not as strict on your body, unlike running or walking on a treadmill. You can lose 2.5 times more weight in a workout than you would with either a treadmill or an elliptical, so this equipment is good for those who want to walk but don’t want the hard impact of a treadmill. You can get in shape with it more quickly than with a treadmill.

3 In 1 Hybrid TreadClimber

Bowflex 3 In 1 TC200 TreadClimber

Key Features

  • Display: Interactive Backlit
  • Workouts Programs: 5
  • Water bottle holder.
  • Equipped with transport wheels.
  • Speed: 0.5 to 4.5 Mph.
  • User Weight Limit: 300 pounds
  • Product weight: 202 Pounds
  • Dimensions: 55 x 31.5 x 62.50 inches
  • Share data with MyFitnessPal
  • Additional Technology: Bluetooth, Integrated BowFlex App, Apple Health, Google Fit.
  • Warranty: 3-year frame and parts, and 90 days labor.

The TC200 is a machine that has 3 parts to it. It is like the TC100, which combines a stepper and a paddle trainer. The range of treadles on the TC200 is extra-large and takes advantage of the many advantages of an elliptical treadmill-hybrid.

The TC200 is 4.5 mph high speed and 0.5 mph lowest speed. This is appropriate for more experienced walkers as well. This machine also has a setting that can change the incline from 0 to 40%.

You can use your phone to track your fitness goals when you connect it to the treadmill. The console will show you how close you are to achieving your goal and it has a cup holder on the side, too! This bike also has four different profiles so that it is perfect for different people. It also has five pre-set programs.

This machine is one of the best elliptical treadmill devices on the market because of all these characteristics.


  • Compact construction;
  • Four customizable profiles;
  • The design reduces the risk of damage;
  • This is the most affordable elliptical and treadmill combo;
  • 3 burns approximately 2.5 times more calories in one design;
  • five predefined workouts;
  • Rollers of transport;
  • Compliant Bluetooth;
  • 3-year warranty frame & component;
  • Use all common applications like MyFitnessPal and Google Fit, as the Bowflex links and syncs all apps;


  • Costs more than TC100;
  • not running fast enough;

7. Precor AMT 835 Commercial Adaptive Motion Trainer

Precor AMT 850 Commercial Adaptive Motion Trainer is one of the most sought-after elliptical machines on the market. It’s designed for commercial use and offers a number of features that make it stand out from other models, including:

The VariTrac adaptive motion system to helps provide variety in workouts. A fully integrated Life Fitness console. The ability to upgrade the unit with an optional treadmill deck, cycle options, and more.

For Commercial Heavy Users

Precor AMT 835 Commercial Adaptive Motion Trainer

Key Features

  • Display: 15 inches
  • Resistance Levels: 20
  • Horizontal Stride: 38 inches
  • Vertical Stride: 6.8 to 10 inches
  • User Weight Limit: 514 pounds
  • Product weight: 422 pounds
  • Dimensions: 80 x 35 x 73 inches
  • Additional Technology: Heart Rate Sensor, calorie burned et Cetra.
  • Warranty: Lifetime frame, 10-year parts, 1-year labor.

The Precor AMT 835 is an all-in-one low-impact treadmill, stepper, and elliptical. It allows trainees to take advantage of Precor’s award-winning biomechanics independent of their natural stride. The stride length is usually about 36 inches, and the user can change the stride’s elevation.

This elliptical stepper treadmill combo is the best way of getting your daily exercise done in less time. It has five different training systems that are easy to use and covers all areas from cardio, muscles toning for arms as well as body weight exercises like push ups. The manual mode on this machine can be synced with a polar wireless heart rate transmitter which will help you monitor your progress while also being able to save money by saving energy at home when using it!

The unit is also recommended for people with joint problems.


  • The Precor machine helps exercise your whole body. It can help you if you are a runner and want to stop getting injured.
  • The bike has 3 sets of handlebars and is safe and compatible with the C-SAFE and FitLinxx.
  • You can do a low-impact workout that has all kind of motion.
  • There are six exercise programs.
  • For help with vigorous exercise, use toe cages.
  • This machine has 20 levels of resistance. You can choose how hard you want to work on the machine.
  • Multilingual display means that there are different languages in this.
  • Stride Dial™ is adjustable from 1 to 36 inches.
  • Your stride can be 6.5 to 10 inches.
  • Parts are to be ordered for 2 years and labor is to be done for 1 year.
  • Console for motion control;


  • Significant footprint;
  • High cost;
  • No fan or speakers built into the console;
  • There are only six preset workout programs to choose from.
  • Powerful motor;
  • Given the price, the warranty is minimal.

8. Cybex Arc Trainers

Cybex Arc Trainers are expensive because they are two things in one. They are like an elliptical and a treadmill combined. That is the reason they are pricey. They also have a different shape than other cross trainers and may be gentler on your knees. Adults of all sizes should use them because they can fit comfortably into any size person, but they still give out.

Cybex Arc Trainers are probably not too great if you just want to stay in place with no movement at all, but that’s really about it when considering how expensive this type of machine typically is- which might make some people.

Lower body Workout machine

Cybex Arc Trainers

Key Features

  • Display: split level
  • Incline Levels: 21
  • Resistance: 900 watts
  • 8 pre-built and 9 custom programs.
  • Stride: 24 inches
  • User Weight Limit: 400 pounds
  • Product weight: 412 Pounds
  • Dimensions: 28.5 x 62.5 x 77 inches
  • Warranty: 10-year frame, 3-year parts, 1-year labor.

Some Arc Trainers are for the lower body, and others are for the whole body. You can paint Arc Trainers a different color and put a console on them with a 15.6 inch screen.

Arc Trainers 625A and 750A are a little cheaper than the Total Body Arc Trainers because they do not have moving handlebars. This means that you can focus on your lower body muscles with these trainers, but you can also choose to do other things like glide, stride, or scale. So you get to work out your calves.

Total Body Arc Trainers are different from a traditional elliptical machine. They have rotating armbars, which can help you with an upper-body workout. These machines include the 525AT, 625AT, 770AT, and Access Trainer.

Total Body Arc Trainers are a great option for people who need to use the arm bars and want to work on their upper body muscles.

Arc Trainers 625A and 770A are a little cheaper than the Total Body models because they do not have moving handlebars, which means that you can focus primarily on your lower body with these trainers.

Arc Trainer 525A is a great option for people who want to work on their upper body as well.


  • This can be a treadmill that you walk on, or a stair climber.
  • Full-body workouts are exercises that work the whole body. This might be all the muscles, or it might just be certain muscles.
  • It’s good for low-impact cardio and strength training.
  • 21 incline levels.
  • This product has a maximum resistance of 600 W.
  • iPod and iPhone compatibility;
  • For Cybex GO workouts, the screen is 15.6 inches wide and has Internet and TV.
  • The adjustable stride mechanism allows for excellent muscle toning.
  • A variety of pre-programmed workouts;
  • Color frame that can be customized;


  • There is no cooling fan.
  • Expensive;

9. Weslo Crosswalk 5.2T Treadmill

The Weslo Crosswalk is an affordable model that provides a simple, no-frills workout option. The machine has incline and speed options to make sure you can tailor your workout goals to meet your needs. This is one of the best treadmill elliptical combo machines for those looking for a budget friendly option. It’s also good if you’re new to working out or are looking for a simple way to start.

The Weslo Crosswalk 5.2T treadmill is a good way to stay in shape. It has handlebars like an elliptical machine. The motor is 2.25 HP and it goes as fast as 10 mph. Strengthening your muscles from the bottom up can help you be healthy.

Upper Body Resistance

Weslo Crosswalk 5.2T Treadmill

Key Features

  • Display: LCD
  • 4 pre-set workout apps.
  • Speed: 10 Mph
  • Deck Length: 50 Inches
  • Deck Width: 16 Inches.
  • Incline: 2 level
  • User Weight Limit: 250 pounds
  • Product weight: 127 Pounds
  • Dimensions: 66 x 30 x 9 inches
  • Warranty: 90-day parts and labor.

This Weslo treadmill has two arms that help you exercise. The machine will help your joints and feet from hurting. The machine is comfortable so it will not feel rough when you are working out.

This Weslo Crosswalk Treadmill has a back that is adjustable so you can find the right one for your height. The machine also comes with wheels to move it around if needed.

The Weslo treadmill has an LCD display and speakers on top of the belt. You can choose how many calories you want to burn, as well as the heart rate sensor.

People can use this machine as a treadmill or an elliptical machine for the best workout possible.

You can use the incline option on your treadmill to work out and burn more calories. To get better at your fitness, you can choose from four different preset programs that are designed to help you burn fat and improve cardiovascular health. You should also use the thumb sensor to make sure that you maintain a target heart rate throughout your workout.


  • Upper-body resistance arms can be fully extended to provide a workout for the arm and shoulder muscles.
  • The 2.25 HP powerful Impulse O Motor can make the car go up to 10 miles per hour.
  • The SpaceSaver can be folded flat for easier storage.
  • This is a good deal because it is inexpensive.
  • A thumb pulse sensor is a way to check your heart rate.
  • A two-level incline is a good way to increase your speed. The incline will work the muscles in your legs.
  • The cushioning protects the joints and absorbs impact on your knees and feet when you are in standing mode.


  • The machine only two incline levels.
  • This product is not good for people that weigh more than 250 pounds.

10. NordicTrack FreeStride iFit Enabled FS7i Trainer

The NordicTrack FreeStride iFit Enabled FS7i treadmill elliptical combo is perfect for people who want to work out at home and don’t have a lot of space. The model is equipped with technologies like iFit, which allows users to get workouts curated by their personal trainer or coach through the use of an iPad app.

The machine also comes with NordicTrack’s new wireless chest strap that tracks heart rate data without any receiver or chest strap wires.

This machine comes in at a great price point, and it’s easy to assemble with its no-tool design!

Last But Not Least

NordicTrack FreeStride IFit Enabled FS7i Trainer

Key Features

  • Display: Interactive 7 inches
  • Auto adjustable 32 inches stride
  • Incline: up to 10 degree
  • flywheel: 20 lbs.
  • User Weight Limit: 375 pounds
  • Product weight: 319.67 Pounds
  • Dimensions: 58.5 x 29.5 x 74 Inches
  • Warranty: Lifetime frame, 5-year parts, 2-year labor.

If you’re looking for an affordable way to get into fitness without all the bells and whistles, this is the perfect option. Plus, NordicTrack offers up lifetime free support so that users can get help with any issues that come up.

The NordicTrack FreeStride iFit Enabled FS7i is a gadget which is a combination of treadmill, elliptical machine, and stair climber. It will help many people get exercise! This computer is expensive, but you are buying three computers. It is ok if you don’t have enough money. This computer can be your home gym in one package.

It might not be the most affordable, but it is comparable to an excellent model and a less expensive choice. This elliptical treadmill combo has a 32-inch adjustable stride and 20 pounds of flywheel.

The best thing about this model is that it has a 10 degree incline. This means you can use it to burn more calories than a regular treadmill. It is like a treadmill, an elliptical machine, and a stepper all in one!

The FreeStride FS7i is a good way to work out. It has handlebars that are more aerodynamic. The FreeStride also works with the iFit Coach app, which provides you with a variety of fitness programs.


  • The S50i is the perfect machine for people who want to get in shape at home and don’t have a lot of space
  • Features new wireless chest strap that tracks heart rate data without receiver or chest strap
  • Compatible with many fitness apps such as FitBit, Lose It!, Map My Walk and Cyclometer.
  • The most convenient size,
  • This model features a 24 resistance level, which offers an intense workout.
  • Allow a stride of 32 inches and to have incline power by giving the equipment.
  • 7-inch high-definition touchscreen for viewing iFit workouts, including interactive videos.
  • There are 35 fitness apps built-in.
  • 32-inch adjustable stride 
  • Heart rate monitor that is wireless;
  • Build with a center drive;
  • Less expensive than the FS9i;


  • Limited warranty;
  • If you buy this flywheel, it will be very light.
  • It is more expensive than a conventional home treadmill.

Frequently Asked Questions

Girls Running on Treadmill Elliptical Combo Machines

Are Ellipticals or Treadmills the Better Cardio Machine?

People are working out with a lot of machines now. There is a lot of different equipment that can help you get fit. People still like the treadmill and the elliptical though.

These two OGs will face off in a popularity contest when it comes to cardio routines. While they may be neck and neck with many subjects, an elliptical machine offers the perfect alternative for people who enjoy gentle, yet effective workouts.

While both machines have similarities, they are not the same. “Treadmills and ellipticals can help you lose weight and can be good for your heart health,” says trainer Brittany Watts.

The main difference, the article claims, is that elliptical machines combine a lower impact with fitness machine options such as walking or running intervals.

Although these treadmills and elliptical machines each offer features designed to make exercising easier, they are not interchangeable.

Both fitness machines provide benefits. They are placed equally in most gyms. However, there are some differences in the two. Which one is best for you? Trainers that know about these machines say that people should use the one which is best for them and they explain which aerobic machine people should use when.

Which machine provides the best type of workout, an elliptical or rowing?

Consider your health priorities when deciding between a rower and an elliptical machine. Both are excellent exercises, but a recumbent rower can give you a stronger upper-body workout. An elliptical machine will focus on losing calories and giving you a full body workout.

Rowing machines are good because they can help you get stronger. They work your arms, chest, back and legs. If combined with an elliptical machine, the workout will be even better as it works more muscles.

The following are some of the differences between these devices; so you can make a decision.

You can find our rowing machines here. These machines work the muscles you want to work, like the muscles in your lower legs.

Cardio rowers are good machines that you can exercise your chest and arms. Cardio rowers are better for joints than treadmills. Power and muscle size are also improved. Cardio rowing is a little more difficult than an elliptical machine, but it’s worth it.

Treadmills and elliptical machines: how healthy are they?

Both elliptical machines and treadmills are safe to use if you obey the safety guidelines.

If you’re new to the elliptical, you may want to start by using it without the arm handles. This will help you get used to the movement. If you’ve mastered the movement, you should add the arm handles.

Maintain proper shape when using the elliptical. Maintain an upright stance and a strong core throughout the movement. If you’re using an elliptical at the gym, you can request a lesson from a certified personal trainer about how to use the fitness hybrid trainer safely.

When using a treadmill, make sure the safety clip is attached to your clothing. If you slip or fall, the treadmill will come to a halt.

Since exercising on a treadmill can put strain on your bones and joints, make sure to properly warm up and cool down before beginning your workout. This will help prepare your muscles and joints for work and reduce your risk of injury. Stretch after your workout as well.

Stop using the elliptical treadmill if you feel weak, dizzy or lightheaded. Also, stay hydrated during your workout.

Always consult your doctor before beginning a new physical exercise regimen. They can suggest a workout routine that is suitable for you.

Both the treadmill and the elliptical are effective equipment for getting a cardiovascular workout. Which computer is the best fit for you is determined by your specific requirements.

If you have a musculoskeletal problem or are susceptible to injury, you should stick with the elliptical. The treadmill could be a better option if you want to burn a lot of calories while also improving leg strength and pace.

What Is the Appeal of Hybrid Cardio Machines?

People are using new machines that have features like changing the exercise. They can use different muscles, and this is good for your workouts.

Every major company is making hybrid machines. NordicTrack makes FreeStride Trainers, ProForm has the Hybrid and HIIT Trainers, Sole Fitness makes the Steppers and Striders, and Precor has the Adaptive Motion Trainers.

Many of these fitness machines have a treadmill, elliptical, and stepper. When you change up the workout from day to day, your performance will improve.

Bowflex TreadClimbers are like treadmills, so they are on our best hybrid treadmill list.

These machines are like a small, conventional treadmill with the belt cut straight down the middle. The monitor is the same. You can hold onto arm bars for when you’re training.

Treadmill and Elliptical Combo Machine Benefits and Drawbacks

Do you want to feel better? You can do a low-impact workout with a treadmill and an elliptical machine. Many people have problems with their knees or hips, so they use the elliptical instead of the treadmill. But many people think that the elliptical doesn’t burn as many calories.

To build a multi-dimensional fitness experience, exercise equipment that is a mix of the best from treadmills, elliptical machines, and steppers will help you. This type of exercise equipment is low impact and efficient.

Elliptical treadmill combo machines are very powerful and can help you to burn a lot of calories in the same amount of time as single machines.

Treadmill-Elliptical Combo Benefits

Aerobic exercises and muscular endurance are best done on exercise cycles, treadmills, and elliptical machines. An hour of vigorous pedaling on a stationary bike burns about 800 calories, while an hour on an elliptical machine burns about 700 calories.

If you run five miles on a treadmill, you will use 600 calories. Walking for 30 minutes at 3.5 mph will use 150 calories. Exercise bikes are best for people who want to burn 520 calories in 30 minutes.

In the elliptical and treadmill, people were getting equal amounts of air and energy. according to a report published in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research. However, it was seen that people who use the elliptical machine have a high heart rate.

Putting the Advantages Together

One machine can help make up for the other. With two machines, you get two benefits: an elliptical machine that is gentle on your joints and a treadmill that provides a low-impact exercise. Some elliptical machines have a rotating grip. Treadmills are good to use when you want to prepare for a marathon. Treadmills are a type of machine that can help you move in a more natural way than an elliptical machine.

With cross-training, you can get the benefits of both an elliptical machine and a treadmill. You can have a balanced workout. The elliptical machine can be used to exercise your back, elbows, pelvis, hips, and thighs. It provides more flexion than walking does, According to a study published in the journal Physical Therapy in December 2009.

Moving is better for your body than the elliptical machine. Doing more things will help you not to work too much on one part of your body.

People do not need to be bored with the same movements. They can use this machine to run, walk, climb, or bike. This is customizable for the individual’s exercise needs and physical abilities.

Treadmill-Elliptical Combo drawbacks.

  • A cross trainer will go about four and a half miles per hour. This is perfect for an elliptical trainer or even stair climbers.
  • Cross trainers are not made for entertainment. They are just made to help you work out. They do not come with any extra fitness plans or even simple entertainment choices.
  • The bulky frame of the unit makes it less than perfect for smaller spaces.
  • Cross trainers are not made for entertainment and don’t come with any extra fitness plans or even simple entertainment choices.
  • Cross trainers are more expensive than elite treadmills. They cost an average of $2,500 0r they could cost as much as $10,000.

Treadmill vs. Elliptical: When Do You Use Which?

If you use two machines during your workout, they will help different parts of your body to stay strong. Some people might need one machine more than the other. But most people will be able to get a well-rounded routine with either machine. That is because every machine has its own advantages. If you combine the two machines, you will get the benefits of both.

When Is It Appropriate to Run on a Treadmill?

If you are looking to get strong and also increase your endurance, then it may be time for you to start taking advantage of the treadmill. Treadmills will help you improve your running form and also give a consistent workout. You can use the treadmill for speed work, long distance or interval training.

Treadmill workouts are great when you want to push yourself without overdoing it. If you find that an exercise program is not working well with your body type then consider using a treadmill.

When Do You Use an Elliptical Machine?

An elliptical machine can move in two directions. You can walk forwards and backwards to work different muscles. Walking backwards will work your calves and hamstrings.

If you only focus on low impact exercise, then using an elliptical machine is a great option.

Ellipticals are also good for those who have knee or hip pain because the moving motion does not put pressure on them.

You will need to make sure that your knees can bend at least 90 degrees before using an elliptical machine, as it needs this range of motion in order to work your quadriceps and hamstrings.

If you run and feel tired, the elliptical is a good substitute. The elliptical has low-impact exercises so your joints won’t hurt. You can still work out without running.

If you are an injured runner, then the elliptical can help you get a workout. It is less intense than running on a treadmill or outdoors and it gives your joints the rest they need. The motion of moving in different ways also helps to keep your balance strong.

Final Thoughts

If you want to exercise, the Treadmill Elliptical Combo Machine is best. It works your muscles and you can get a full workout. It is better than running on the ground or cycling because it goes smoother and does not have bumps.

People can use the same system for different purposes. For example, a family might have one person use it for running and someone else use it to do other things. It is good for people who want to get the aerobic benefits of running but don’t want to hurt their joints too much.

With cross-trainers, you’ll be able to avoid the monotony of repetitively working out your same muscles. You won’t have to worry about getting bored and plateauing either!

Cross trainers are devices that help with fitness. It will help you get out of being bored, and from injuries like runner’s knee or elbow tendonitis. You can also use it to escape from plateaus which happen when people only work one muscle group each week.

We’ve compiled a list of the best treadmills that offer an elliptical function. We hope this will help you make your decision and improve your workouts for years to come.

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